These 10 women are great - they DGAF about their "after" bodies and you shouldn't either

Ok, so I've been through 3 pregnancies, singleton, twins, and singleton. Lord knows the stretching, growing, and reshaping that's happened over the last 5 years - and along with that also comes those self doubt / self shaming questions. Those feelings that this new body we, aka mom's, have isn't good enough. Wondering why this weight won't go away no matter what. Wanting to be as strong as those momma's out there who embrace their stretchmarks, but secretly struggling to find a top that I feel, at best, 50% comfortable in.

When I first saw this Fitness Magazine article come through my e-mail today, I deleted it. Then I went back and looked through the 10 women they featured. When I was reading about each one, looking at their picture, I seriously didn't think they were anything but beautiful. They have each been through major life events, but had such confidence that they really DGAF.

So today I'm choosing to remind myself that we each have our own path and story. I've still got a ways to go to have the DGAF mentality and on those days my mind tells me I'm not skinny enough or the number on the scale is too big, I'm going to look at this article again and remind myself that where I may see flab now, that's where I grew our children and dang it, it was worth it. And of course, I'll probably do that while eating an oreo :-)

Mary Christy

Mary Christy

You were meant to live this life, not just go through the motions. Go ahead and eat that that race...don't forget that you are beYOUtiful!

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