Is chicken noodle soup really the best thing for a cold?

Is chicken noodle soup really the best thing for a cold?

Well it happened. SNOW. And where there's snow, I can only imagine colds will soon follow.

To be honest, I have a daily dose of Greens and haven't really had a bad cold in years. Yes, I know I've just knocked on karma's door with a sledgehammer. I imagine I'll be down for the count within a few short days of writing this. But when that happens, I at least know what to ask the hubs to make to help me feel flash, for those of you who don't know Josh, he's WAY better in the kitchen than I could ever hope to be. I mean seriously. I'm rockin' the box mashed potatoes and think they're delicious while he's boiling real potatoes to hand mash. I know, I know. He's crazy.

Back to what I'll ask him to make. According to WebMD, here are what's best and worst when the sniffles, cough, and general yuckiness come calling.


  • chicken soup - it clears nasal passages and congestion better than other hot liquids; it also has an anti-inflammatory effect that may help your cold symptoms

  • citrus aka vitamin C - oranges, lemons, and limes may make you feel better (and help you get rid of a cold faster) if you get a lot of them RIGHT before you notice symptoms

  • quercetin - found in kale, broccoli, cranberries, green tea, red onions, and blueberries all contain this antioxidant that may help you fight the common cold according to new research

  • chili peppers - these can clear out your nasal passages and help with your stuffy head

  • ginger - hot ginger tea may prevent your cold by blocking the virus some studies show


  • dairy - I seriously don't need an excuse for ice cream, but will use it if I have to...I mean that mint chocolate chip really does help soothe that sore throat

  • garlic - some say yes, while others are scratching their head on this one


  • caffeine and alcohol - yes, liquids are a necessity when you're battling a cold, but these two can dry you out

What's your "go-to" when cold season has you down?

Mary Christy

Mary Christy

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