How to "detox" from your sugar high

How to "detox" from your sugar high

I admit it. I'm a sugar fan. I wish I wasn't, but I have such a sweet spot for sweets. With Valentine's day just a few weeks away (which is sandwiched by my dad's birthday and my birthday), sweets will be everywhere. While I've worked hard on not indulging too much, sometimes it's just not that easy...or I have a weak moment. Either way, here are some tips on detoxing from your sugar high from fitness.

  • Quit cold turkey. If you have the will power to slowly cut back on your sugar intake, good for you. For me? Not so much. Did you know just a little bit of sugar can make you crave it more? Me either. Time to pantry purge and get rid of my weak spots in there.

  • Avoid the -ose. Read the labels on what you're putting into your grocery cart. If the ingredients include something ending with -ose (BTW is a code for sugar), chances are it has added sugar and should be put back.

  • Get up and move it, move it. Make sure you're exercising daily. Not only does it help burn calories, but it also helps regulate your blood sugar levels.

  • Water. Water. Water. Did you know that when your body is dehydrated, it craves sweets? By upping your water intake during the day, you can decrease these cravings and give your body more energy. If you've had sugar overload, try to drink at least 1 large glass of water each hour of your workday.

  • Swap sugar for fruit. The natural sugars found in fruits will hit those cravings without the blood sugar spike. By cutting out added sugar, your taste buds will start to recognize natural flavors more and your fruit may seem sweeter!

  • Get your greens. One of the best ways to cut those sugar cravings, and keep your energy up, is to add greens to your diet. Think spinach, kale, and broccoli. Not a fan of green vegetables (ME!), try adding them to a smoothie.

Sweet tooth fans unite - now that you know what to do to help with those cravings, clean out the cupboards and make sure you've got water, fruit, and green veggies on hand to kick that sugar out!

Mary Christy

Mary Christy

You were meant to live this life, not just go through the motions. Go ahead and eat that that race...don't forget that you are beYOUtiful!

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