How StitchFix taught me to communicate...and help my relationship (1 of 2)

How StitchFix taught me to communicate...and help my relationship (1 of 2)

My first two part blog! How exciting! Maybe more for me :-)

So I've been wanting to test this out for a while, but let's first start at the beginning. This may be hard to believe, but I suck at communicating. At least communicating in the sense of sharing my feelings with my husband. If something upsets me, I tend to either bury it somewhere in my mind bank to use when it's full and I just explode or I, well, actually no. That's pretty much what I do. This is one of the hubs wants / needs in our relationship. He just wants me to share when something upsets me. It drives him nuts when I don't and I feel so bad because I know it's something I want to change, but it's so hard.

On the flip side, when he asks what one of my wants / needs are, I'll tell him I just want to feel important. When he asks how can he do that, my answer is usually, almost all the time, "I don't know, it's just a feeling that I need." For a person who is a fixer, the hubby, this doesn't sit well with him. He'll try to do things that he thinks make me feel important, but it's not what I need and usually go unnoticed by me. And yes, I'm fully aware I hit the jackpot having a husband who puts up with me in this aspect.

But I feel like I'm not alone in this - or at least I hope I'm not. I don't want to have to ask him to take out the garbage when it's full, or to put dishes away that have been sitting there clean for a few days, or to clean his side of the sink. I just want him to do it without me telling him it's driving me crazy. I want him to want to do it too. Women's minds are crazy I realize as I'm writing this.

This lack of communication cycle brings me to my blog post today. I don't know what it was that made me think of it, but I realized that communicating with StitchFix is like communicating with my husband (or at least I'm hoping to prove this right). For those of you not familiar with StitchFix, it's a monthly service where a stylist will send you 5 pieces of clothing. You fill out an online quiz to help them get to know your style. You can add a Pinterest board to your profile too and pin items you see that you want. Each month you are also able to add a note to help your stylist send you jackpot items.

So last month, my note was very much like I communicate now. I was super generic and instead of being specific about what I was looking for, wanted the stylist to just send me tops she "knew" I'd love. When my box came, while the tops were nice, I sent them all back. It was a FAIL. In reality, how could I expect her to know what I was looking for if I wasn't willing to tell her exactly what I was wanting.

This month I was super specific. I told my stylist exactly what I was looking for (brand, type, color) and made sure I had pictures pinned for her to refer to when getting ready to send me my box. It's set to arrive this week and I have a feeling I know how part 2 is going to go...stay tuned!

Mary Christy

Mary Christy

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