My journey to 13.1

My journey to 13.1

Day 29 (3/29/17) - I'm about 8 weeks from the big half marathon and I'm nervous nervous nervous. I can do my runs a few times a week and am ok, but my runs now are nowhere near 13.1 miles yet...and I don't know if I can do it. I know it's part mind game, part physical game - but DANG if that mind game isn't strong!

Also, today I realized there's one rule some people at the gym seem to avoid and that's "walkers - inside track. runners - outside track" because there are women walkers, in pairs, who just won't budge and it drives me crazy! I mean I get it. It's nice to walk with a friend, but seriously, MOVE OVER. End of rant :-)

Day 22 (3/22/17) - I knew it would happen. Today my body and mind didn't want to at all. I couldn't get into the "zone" and every step felt like a battle where I wanted to give up. It just felt hard to run. I am glad I didn't give in to my mind telling me it was ok to walk today and ran what I was on track to, but believe me I wanted to.

Today I also had my first legit thought of "what the frick did you do Mary...seriously...half are an idiot" and it sucked. I know I'm my own worst enemy and I still have a good (almost) 2 months before it's the big day, so I'm counting on lots more thoughts like this.

At least for today I didn't give up and I didn't change my race from the half to the 10k. We shall see what happens in the coming weeks!

Day 13 (3/13/17) - today was a much better day. I was back at it and did a whole 3 miles! I know for some, they may see that and think "3 miles?? Really??", but for me, it's HUGE! As a self classified non-runner, this whole world of training for a race is new to me. I'm not training to win, but I'm training so I don't hurt my body and to see what I'm really capable of.

To be honest, the run felt really good. I've still got some work to do to hit the big 13.1, but it's a start. I also have a feeling I'm going to need to remember days like today, because before I know it, I know I'll have some set-backs, I'll be in my own head telling myself how silly it is to be doing this, and I'll need to remember where I started at. Wednesday is another 3 miles so we shall see how the good ol' legs feel then!

Day 10 (3/10/17) - had a bit of set-back. But let me first say I was impressed I got my training calendar printed off and wrote down what I should be doing each day. Worked it out with the hubs and had a plan in place for the kiddos while I did my runs and then POW right in the kisser, kinda.

I did my first run (2.5 miles), however I had been having jaw pain for a day or two before I started and after the run, the pain was worse. Went to the dentist and was made a temporary splint (we thought it could be due to grinding my teeth while sleeping) and we gave it a go. Unfortunately, the pain didn't go away and the next day the hubs pretty much made me go to the Dr. and I'm so thankful he did! At the Dr., I found out I could possibly have an ear infection (or another infection) plus some nerves weren't very happy with me, which played a role in my temples pulsing and the pain on my jaw. He put me on some meds and they worked WONDERS! I'm not back to 100%, but hopefully am well on my way and can start training again soon.

I will say this has me a tad anxious. I was already feeling a little behind on training and this whole week not doing much of anything has intensified that feeling. I know I've got to pick up the training pace and know I need to believe I can do it! We shall see what this next week brings...hopefully a better update than today :-)

Day 1 (2/28/17) -'s the last day in February and to save $5, I signed up to run the Fargo Half Marathon in May. I don't know who I am or where Mary is, but I'm hoping someone will find her because this isn't something she would do.

This all started when a friend joined me for a lovely 10k in February and we ended up chatting with a few other runners after we were done. I have a feeling the phrase I'm going to live to regret is this:

"...I mean if you think about it...10k is like half of a half marathon. If you can do a 10k, you can do a half..."

We shall see my friends, we shall see. Check back as I'll be updating with how things are going and to see if I'll chicken out and pay to change my race to the 10k!